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Friday, 10 July 2015

Primo's Hotdogs #foodie

Recently stumbled upon this place searching for cheap meals in leeds *very ppoor student*, I took a glance at the website and I fell in love with the cool branding and style of this place it looked right up my street! 

It brands itself as doing 'authentic American dogs' naming most of its hotdogs after American states. The toppings of the hotdogs on the site looked truly delicous with amazing photography to match; its safe to say i was sold. As my sister was joining me she asked about the pesketarian options, i discovered that they only did veggie tofu as a dog alternative, which she seemed slightly underwhlemed about but never the less she did say she actually really enjoyed it.

I had the chicago classic as it seemed to be the healthiest option (All Beef topped with Tomato Wedges, chopped White Onions, Pickles, Celery Salt, French’s Mustard and a Dill Pickle Spear. Served in a poppy seed roll.) (lol). 

I'd say they stuck to their promise as all the hotdogs and milkshakes we tried were rather delicous, however I did feel slightly underwhelmed with the size of the sausages (again lol) and the toppings compared to what was advertised on the menu on the website. I also disliked the 'restuaraunt' venue (corn exchange Leeds), we were sat outside and it felt very disconnected from the actual restuaraunt which dimished the cool 'american' vibes. I shall end on a positive though, the dogs are priced between £3-6 and i'd say you cant go wrong for that price! Perfect for a lunch time getaway, maybe not for an evening meal though.


  1. Love this, it looks delicious! :) x