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Monday, 14 September 2015

Kiko Haul

Hey hey!
Thought I'd share a few things purchased from my recent trip to Kiko, I only bought to items because i had to show some form of self restraint! First I picked up a velvet mat lipstick in 610 which is described as a 'rosey pink'. 
The struggle is so real when picking out a lipstick at Kiko, they have so many beautiful colours and finishes to choose from but in the end I knew I was in need of an everyday shade, so I limited myself to the pinky-browns. 610 velvet matt is a beautiful (hate to say it, but you all know what i mean) Kylie Jenner shade, a subtle 90's pinky brown on the lips. As this lipstick was described as a velvet mat, i was expecting a more bold matte finish, the lipstick is actually more sheer then expected. However I would still class it as a matt, just with a slight moisturising sheen, Which to be fair makes it awesome to mix with a liquid lipstick to tone it down!
I also picked up the gel liner from Kiko, I have to say I am a little bummed out about this product. Yes, it is a super pigmented black gel liner and yes it lasts a long time, but unfortunately I find the consistency of this product far to liquid-y which makes application difficult. Also for some reason my eyes were STREAMING with this product to the point where literally all my makeup had ran off my face, which is pretty weak.

Anyway I hope you all are having an amazing week! Let me know what you've been loving!
Gabbi :)

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Ebay Haul// Matte liquid lips & eyelashes!

Hey homeys!
Thought I would share with you the pieces i picked up from eBay 't'other day! Firstly i needed to stock up on lashes so I bought the primalash demi wispies which are a dupe for the Ardel wispies but they are such a bargain! They are 5 for £3.99! 
I also had been browsing the Youtube when I discovered the eBay 99 dollar liquid lipsticks! Technically they were £2.99 in the UK but still a steal! I picked up shades 22, 33 and 20. 22 and 33 I ABSOLUTELY bladdy' love! they are such rich deep shades perfect for a night out! and I also picked up the shade 20 for more of a daytime shade, which unfortunately was not what I expected and turned out to be more of bright pink shade rather then a mauve-y, purple nude (think i should of retrospectively picked up shade18)!
The liquid lipsticks are beautiful *if* you layer up lip balm before you apply, they will last all day and be matte, beautiful and amazing! However if you skip the lip balm shade they dry your lips out so bad, and just basically flake off.overall these aren't the greatest liquid lipsticks but they are amazing for the price and the shade range is phenomenal!
Menow Liquid Lipsticks// Primalash Demi wispies

Friday, 21 August 2015

Lasting Finish lipstick by Kate Moss in 30


Hey y'all!
I recently ventured to Sheffield to see my friend Mica for a night out, on the way there I had a terrible realisation that I had forgotten to bring a vampy lipstick. And what is a night out without a dark lip!? Anyway luckily she was in Asda at the time and picked one up for me. Girl did good! 
The Kate moss collection has always caught my eye due to the 90's brown shades and vampy colours they offered, so when I discovered the shade she had picked was part of the collection i was relieved.
The colour is a deep berry red, its a little more pink then I'd usually pick up but i felt this gave this lipstick a really pretty dimensional tone. 
The wear of this lipstick was awesome, however due to me liking a more matte effect on the lips I dotted a neutral toned eyeshadow (think urban decay naked, or MAC Omega) along the top which helped it too last even longer! It is a lovely lipstick and ill definitely be trying more from the range!
Hope you're all smashing! What lipsticks are your faves atm?

Friday, 17 July 2015

Products For The Perfect Summer Glow

Bahama Mama bronzer, Topshop Glow
Hola Chicas,
 Thought i'd share the perfect combo I have been luuuuuuuurving over summer to get a contoured yet glowy face. I discovered this combo while on holiday in Rhodes three weeks ago, to begin I use Girl Meets Pearl Benefit mini- as a lovely irredescent liquid highlighting cream/ primer, which is perfect to use alone for that 'daytime' summery glow. I then dot a little foundation over the top. 
To 'chisel' in my cheekbones and slim down my jaw line using the amazing Bahama Mama bronzer from TheBalm, before I continue can we appreciate how amazing and tropical the packaging is (I WANT TO BE THAT GIRL, and is it just me who thinks she could be Beyonce?). Bahamma mamma is a beautiful cool brown bronzer amazing for contouring. It is actually very similar to hoola by Benefit but about a tenner less and slightly more warm toned.
Finally for that extra intense glow, I blended in Glow highlighter from Topshop using a foundation brush onto my cheek bones, temples and cupid bow. I love cream highlighters compared to powders, they just apply so much more evenly and are so much nicer to wear in the summer! This highlighter also looks the bomb in flash photography! Winner.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Primo's Hotdogs #foodie

Recently stumbled upon this place searching for cheap meals in leeds *very ppoor student*, I took a glance at the website and I fell in love with the cool branding and style of this place it looked right up my street! 

It brands itself as doing 'authentic American dogs' naming most of its hotdogs after American states. The toppings of the hotdogs on the site looked truly delicous with amazing photography to match; its safe to say i was sold. As my sister was joining me she asked about the pesketarian options, i discovered that they only did veggie tofu as a dog alternative, which she seemed slightly underwhlemed about but never the less she did say she actually really enjoyed it.

I had the chicago classic as it seemed to be the healthiest option (All Beef topped with Tomato Wedges, chopped White Onions, Pickles, Celery Salt, French’s Mustard and a Dill Pickle Spear. Served in a poppy seed roll.) (lol). 

I'd say they stuck to their promise as all the hotdogs and milkshakes we tried were rather delicous, however I did feel slightly underwhelmed with the size of the sausages (again lol) and the toppings compared to what was advertised on the menu on the website. I also disliked the 'restuaraunt' venue (corn exchange Leeds), we were sat outside and it felt very disconnected from the actual restuaraunt which dimished the cool 'american' vibes. I shall end on a positive though, the dogs are priced between £3-6 and i'd say you cant go wrong for that price! Perfect for a lunch time getaway, maybe not for an evening meal though.

Ruby Woo Review

Hey guys! Thought i'd share a lipstick that I have been obsessed with recently. I actually got this lippie back in April, So I been putting it through its paces!
 Although i have my fair share of lipsticks, I never managed to find the 'perfect' classic red for me due to my previous obsessions with browns and nudes, I never paid much attention to reds.
 However I think this one is the perfect retro colour. I love matte texture of this lipstick, it makes me feel just a little bit more like a rock star. The blue-y tones of this lipstick also eliminates the 'yellow' teeth illusion most reds can produce.
 Its just lovely basically, and really universal, after seeing this lipstick my friend Mica instantly needed one! However if you hate the dryness of a matte texture, then maybe this lipstick isn't for you. Maybe...

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

KIKO haul

Hello lovelies! Took my first trip into the beautiful store that is Kiko the other day! I must say I am in LOVE! So much colour selection and stunning stunning products, It was definitely a 'kid in a candy store' moment, I was literally dragged out by my starving friends. However as soon as I'm in the dollar, I shall promptly return!

I picked out the smart lip liner in 711, a beautiful brown-rosey toned lip liner, however I could have easily of bought them all!  This lip liner has that 'in' 90s brown-toned vibes going on, but is still a pretty wearable plum colour! Packaged beautifully, however you need to keep sharpening, I would have preferred a twist up! Priced and at £2.50, definitely worth a gander!

The second item I purchased was a BEAUTIFUL shadow in the 203 (burgundy) in the 'water' range. I has such a hard time settling on one colour, as these shadows are insane! So pretty dry but when wet, oh my, there are no words for this pigmentation. Again packaging is beautiful, the shadow includes its own mirror which is also handy!

10/10 for KIKO!

Monday, 26 January 2015

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Liquer 'Kooky'

Whilst browsing through superdrug in my lunch break, I was gripped by the new MUA Luxe Velvet range, and their astonishingly beautiful range of colours; I seriously wanted every single one! However due to the student budget I selected the shade 'kooky'; a really interesting unique colour, especially for drugstore!

Prcied at £3 I wasn't sure what to expect from this collection, especially due to the scary effects matte textures can have on my dry lips. When swatched the lip liquer is literally opaque and paint-like, on this lips nothing much changes expect it dries. Once fully dry it felt chalky and flakey, however after experiments, I realised applying a little bit of lip balm after combatted this problem.

My verdict is that, the colours they have concocted are stunningly beautiful. However for me personally, a little to dry on the lips.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

January Favorites

Browzing Benefit in Dark I have loved this product this january, with the use of the wax I feel I am able to 'volumise' my rather feeble brows. I use the colour Dark which is the perfect shade for dark brunettes such a myself. So easy to apply with the help of my mac 266 angled brush! However the little tweezers that were included in the set was bog standard and pretty useless!

Vivi's Lash collection demi wispies 2014 was the year of lashes for me! I fell in love wih the wispie- type full style lashes, and the best I found for the price is the vivis demi wispies on ebay. Similar to the famous ardell demi wispies but instead of one set, you get five larrvely lashes for the same price!

Maybelline exaggerate lipliner in eastend snob oh my, this lipliner is the bomb diggity! If you are looking for that 'in' kylie Jenner-esque liner but dont fancy spending £15, this is your guy! Amazing for plumping out the lips, it's beautiful mauve-brown-pink speciality at only £3! However mine did only last about 3 weeks due to excessive use.

Miss Sporty Crush On You nail polish My Nannan is literally queen of the nails, and when she visited at Christmas her nails looked beautiful! She told me it was the new miss sporty collection, and the next time I went to see her, she'd bought me the whole range! I find the texture of the polish to be really interesting a kind of matte-glitter. You do have to layer up on the nail for this effect and they last about 2 days on the nails.
Thank you for reading, Gabbi.