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Monday, 14 September 2015

Kiko Haul

Hey hey!
Thought I'd share a few things purchased from my recent trip to Kiko, I only bought to items because i had to show some form of self restraint! First I picked up a velvet mat lipstick in 610 which is described as a 'rosey pink'. 
The struggle is so real when picking out a lipstick at Kiko, they have so many beautiful colours and finishes to choose from but in the end I knew I was in need of an everyday shade, so I limited myself to the pinky-browns. 610 velvet matt is a beautiful (hate to say it, but you all know what i mean) Kylie Jenner shade, a subtle 90's pinky brown on the lips. As this lipstick was described as a velvet mat, i was expecting a more bold matte finish, the lipstick is actually more sheer then expected. However I would still class it as a matt, just with a slight moisturising sheen, Which to be fair makes it awesome to mix with a liquid lipstick to tone it down!
I also picked up the gel liner from Kiko, I have to say I am a little bummed out about this product. Yes, it is a super pigmented black gel liner and yes it lasts a long time, but unfortunately I find the consistency of this product far to liquid-y which makes application difficult. Also for some reason my eyes were STREAMING with this product to the point where literally all my makeup had ran off my face, which is pretty weak.

Anyway I hope you all are having an amazing week! Let me know what you've been loving!
Gabbi :)